The Memes Collection is focused on the fight for the open metaverse (decentralization, community, self-sovereignty) and spreading this message to many people, many wallets.

It is a collection that is meant to be open and accessible. Edition sizes will generally be large and inexpensive, to spread the word and to avoid gas wars.

We will try to have a good time along the way, make some fun art, do great collabs and just generally have a good time.

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The 6529 Gradient Collection represents the 6529 symbol in its original two stark black and white forms as well 98 grayscale gradients in-between.

It is the artist’s (@6529er) preferred interpretation and genesis drop of his work.

Each of the 100 pieces is represented as a 100% on-chain SVG with a secondary IPFS link.

The 101st piece is Gradient #50 which is a special GIF – it moves!

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6529 RAW is my own personal (@punk6529) photography collection.

The 6529 RAW collection is focused on landscapes and cityscapes (mostly because portraits would dox me). The photographs will be a mix of photographs that may be interesting or that mean something to me or might be sufficiently generic that it might be nice to have them in the public domain. I am going to figure it out as I go along.

Upon sale, each photograph will convert to a Creative Commons 0 (public domain) license.

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A meme collection under @punk6529‘s alt.

Reflections on Originality, Provenance, French Fries.

“I’m gonna get fired for telling 6529 to buy the “Original” Fast Food Chromie Squiggles.”

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A collab between @punk6529 and @6529er

1 Pepe = 1 Pepe

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