The 100 static 6529 Gradients



The 6529 Gradient Collection represents the 6529 symbol in its original two stark black (#100) and white (#0) forms as well 98 grayscale gradients in-between. Each grayscale gradient is a 1% increment in darkness between 100% black and 100% white, with the background switching from white to black from #49 to #51.

It is the artist’s (@6529er) preferred interpretation of his work and his vision for it in its purest form. It reminds us of the Chromie Squiggles Perfect Spectrums – much less flashy than the HyperRainbows, but it is an iykyk choice.

Each of the 100 pieces is represented as a 100% on-chain SVG with a secondary IPFS link.

The more mathematically inclined readers will note that #0 to #100 represents 101 tokens, not 100. That is right, there is a special token, #50 that is built different. It is a gif (how could we not have a gif?) and, like the squiggles, it moves.


64 Gradients were sold to the general public in 2021, 56 of which were sold to 48 different collectors through the end of December 2021, with a total trading volume in 2021 of over 200ETH.

In terms of the remaining Gradients:

  • Gradients #0, #50 and #100 are in the 6529 Museum Permanent Collection
  • Gradients #10, #20, #30, #40, #50, #60, #70, #80, #90 will be held by 6529 for now
  • The remaining 24 Gradients will be released at 6529’s discretion in the coming years in formats that will be determined over time
6529 Gradient #0
6529 Gradient #20
6529 Gradient #40
6529 Gradient #60
6529 Gradient #80
6529 Gradient #100

THE ARTIST – 6529er

6529er is a professional designer and digital artist with over 20 years experience in graphic and web design.

He is best known for his work on logo design, brand identity and typography.

6529er designed the iconic 6529 logo and visual identity and leads the creation of 6529 Brand Collections.


In addition to celebrating the creation of the iconic 6529 logo by @6529er, this first drop by 6529 is a vehicle for interesting experiments in community engagement, other collections and collabs, as well as auction dynamics.


In November 2021, after the big success of the 6529 Fam Gallery experiment, 6529 had another idea in which he reversed things. This time he invited every holder of a Gradient to display an NFT of their choice in a new 6529 Gradients Gallery on Cyber.

As there are still Gradients that have not been auctioned, this is an ongoing project, which is already yielding beautiful results, with some epic pieces already on display.

6529 Gradients Gallery


There is no roadmap, there is no discord, there is no utility token, there is no governance coin.

You should buy these NFTs solely if you like 6529er’s design.