Jen Stark
Mint Date: 12/13/2021

Artist Narrative

The phenomena of the spiral is located throughout the natural world, found in everything from nautili and galaxies, to fractals and sacred geometries. Much like the gravitational pull of patterns in the universe, Jen Stark’s series of generative vortexes pays homage to the intricate systems present in our daily lives. Drawing upon the aesthetic practice of her signature paper sculptures, Stark’s hand-cut techniques are translated to adapt and evolve within the digital realm through code, brought to life through harmonic sine waves.

6529 Museum Notes
Vortex is the most trippy and hypnotizing generative art collection.  The 6529 Museum has an exceptional collection, including 2 of the 19 Tunnel Light: Light (including the #1 rarest) and one of 4 Shader: Covered vortexes.


The ‘light’ tunnel light trait and the ‘striped’ shader type trait makes this a one of a king.

Token: 280

Key Traits:
Tunnel Light: Light
Palette Name: Color Division
Vortex Name: Faceted Twist

1/1000 RG
1/1000 ASR
5/1000 AR

A trippy and hypnotizing experience thanks to ‘Covered’ shader and ‘Unstable Circle’ traits.

Token: 592

Key Traits:
Shader Type: Covered
Palette Name: Rainbow Burst
Vortex Name: Unstable Circle

4/1000 AR
14/1000 RG
14/1000 ASR

Unique duo of ‘Intense Expansion’ color palette coupled with the ‘light’ tunnel light trait.

Token: 932

Key Traits:
Tunnel Light: Light
Palette Name: Intense Expansion
Vortex Name: Super Micro

19/1000 RG
19/1000 ASR
20/1000 AR

Mesmerizing pulses of light come out at you in this colorful output.

Token: 670

Key Traits:
Palette Name: Saturation Mirror
Vortex Name: Faceted Twist
Shader Type: Striped

36/1000 RG
36/1000 ASR
58/1000 AR

Lively pop-art colors and a ‘Circular’ vortex type trait.

Token: 844

Key Traits:
Vortex Name: Circular Vortex
Palette Name: Sequence 2
Palette Type: Still

167/1000 AR
256/1000 RG
257/1000 ASR

A juxtaposition of bands of colorful and black/white interwoven.

Token: 109

Key Traits:
Palette Name: B/W Rainbow
Vortex Name: Sharp Whirl
Palette Type: Still

262/1000 AR
405/1000 RG
405/1000 ASR

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