Anna Carreras
Mint Date: 09/03/2021

Artist Narrative

Trossets explores the emergence of diversity. Combining twelve construction blocks the system generates endless patterns with a unique result each iteration. Trossets /trusɛts/ means parts, blocks, pieces and it’s my particular homage to a classical generative system, the multi-scale Truchet tiles. The systems plays an interlocking blocks game creating unexpected drawings with colors borrowed from the Mediterranean.

6529 Museum Notes
Trossets are a collection that evokes the colors and the patterns of the Mediterranean. We view them as a generative conceptual facade of Spanish village.

This interesting output resembles a vast network of underground tunnels.

Token: 728

Key Traits:
blocs: narius
color: Ibiza
aro: si

5/1000 RG
5/1000 ASR
9/1000 AR

An uncommon output featuring the ‘Arcs’ trait as well as a grey/yellow ‘Industria’ color palette

Token: 839

Key Traits:
blocs: giragonces
arcs: si
color: Industria

51/1000 AR
125/1000 ASR
129/1000 RG

Pac-Man game vibes with Bold, curved orange lines and bluish circles.

Token: 333

Key Traits:
arcs: si
color: Mar
blocs: ganxos

86/1000 AR
201/1000 RG
201/1000 ASR

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