The Blocks of Art
Mint Date: 05/28/2021

Artist Narrative

This project is dedicated to Art Blocks. Each panel on the block is a small generative art piece with several random parameters that lives its own life, at the same time being part of the composition. This symbolizes generative artists united by the common idea of ArtBlocks.
6529 Museum Notes
The Blocks of Art are attractive works, but with no clear trait of aesthetic hierarchy, they were designed for set completion.

A statistically rare Blocks of Art, due to layout and palette.

Token: 8

Key Traits:
windows: 9
centrifuge: 6
cross: 0

12/500 AR
17/500 ASR
115/500 RG

A classic Blocks of Art in our favorite palette.

Token: 280

Key Traits:
pendulum: 6
rain: 6
brick: 5

181/500 RG
285/500 ASR
370/500 AR

A classic Blocks of Art in a common palette.

Token: 109

Key Traits:
mesmerizer: 5
letter: B
bouncy: 1

424/500 RG
425/500 AS
253/500 AR

AR: Artacle Rarity | ASR: Artacle Statistical Rarity | RG: Rarity Guide | RS: Rarity Studio