Matt DesLauriers
Mint Date: 04/23/2021

Artist Narrative

A generative algorithm that draws the impression of a landscape from a multitude of possibilities. The unique seed from each token drives the parametric assortment of lines, colors, and forms into a constructed composition.

6529 Museum Notes
Subscapes are a highly regarded collection of generative landscapes from renown generative artist Matt DesLauriers. Subscapes are best displayed in groups, in dark rooms. Matt’s blog posts how he made Subscapes are reference-level descriptions of generative art.

A rare Highlighter palette provides a glimpse of an alien planet’s blue fields.

Token: 91

Key Traits:
Palette: Highlighter
Style: Acrylic
Patchwork: FALSE

23/650 AR
256/650 RG
257/650 ASR

The lattice pattern in the jagged Summit Subscape gives the viewer a sense of error.

Token: 562

Key Traits:
Palette: Lime
Landscape: Summit
Lattice: True

43/650 RG
43/650 ASR
101/650 AR

The flow field of this desirable Drift trait resembles an arctic windstorm.

Token: 405

Key Traits:
Style: Drift
Patchwork: FALSE
Palette: Procedural

349/650 AR
444/650 ASR
449/650 RG

Colorful pencil strokes describe the joy of exploring this mountainous Subscape.

Token: 315

Key Traits:
Palette: Memphis
Style: Pencil
Patchwork: TRUE

413/650 AR
490/650 ASR
499/650 RG

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