Simon De Mai
Mint Date: 02/13/2021

Artist Narrative

This edition of video artworks is the result of my research in video art from the 60s and 70s, especially early analog video synthesizers. These were heavy hardware machines capable of generating shapes and patterns from the ground up, with no external visual input. How could these machines generate such complexity by just manipulating electronic voltage? I decided to investigate this process. Although with modern technologies, Spectron shares the procedural logic with its analog ancestors.

6529 Museum Notes
Spectrons have an interesting 1980s aesthetic, with slowly moving motion. A subtle collection.

The #1 rarity in the collection. A Coral-Teal dominant palette.

Token: 123

Key Traits:
Palette: Coral-Teal
Bitwise operators: AND
Frequency modulation: Low

1/400 AR
1/400 ASR
8/400 RG

Another low frequency modulation specimen.

Token: 84

Key Traits:
Frequency modulation: Low
Palette: Pinkā€“Mint
Bitwise operators: Mixed

132/400 RG
132/400 AR
132/400 ASR

Overlapping lines attributed to the ‘OR’ Bitwise operators.

Token: 340

Key Traits:
Palette: Purple-Yellow
Bitwise operators: OR
Orientation: Horizontal

172/400 ASR
172/400 AR
173/400 RG

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