Piter Pasma
Mint Date: 09/27/2021

Artist Narrative

An exploration in generating forms in 3-dimensional space. This exclusive set of sculptures has been carved from a sea of infinite possibilities, much like a sculptor creates a singular reality from the potential in a block of stone. The shapes are illuminated by a variety of complex virtual lighting environments and yet the piece retains algorithmic minimalism with the code reduced to its pure essence — 6370 bytes.

6529 Museum Notes
Skulptuur is an incredible technical achievement, with a tiny amount of on-chain generative code producing highly complex 3D environments.  The 6529 Collection covers all important super-rare traits (2 of the 10 golds, 1 of the 12 camera height: high and one of 26 environ_type: catalog and the #1 rarest Skulptuur that has emergently created a spooky Halloween aesthetic.  


The rarest Skulptuur, one of 10 with a gold trait and an emergent Halloween vibe.

Token: 647

Key Traits:
gold: yes
skulptuur_height: 3.8
environ_name: This Is Fine

1/1000 RG
1/1000 ASR
2/1000 AR

Another of the 10 gold trait Skulptuurs, that could be a piece of fine jewelry.

Token: 719

Key Traits:
gold: yes
environ_name: Desire
shape0: bal

10/1000 AR
37/1000 RG
43/1000 ASR

Token: 282

Key Traits:
camera_height: high
environ_name: Ocean
grid0: 3×4

13/10000 AR
31/1000 RG
31/1000 RG

Token: 170

Key Traits:
environ_name: N/A
environ_type: catalog
grid1: 2×3

35/1000 RG
36/1000 AR
36/1000 ASR

#637 is a classic, typical Skulptuur, generally they are all interesting.

Token: 637

Key Traits:
grid1: 2×1
environ_name: Alien
shape0: zdon

203/1000 AR
372/1000 RG
383/1000 ASR

#580 is another normal Skulptuur in a different style, to round out the collection.

Token: 580

Key Traits:
grid1: 2×1
environ_name: Flotsam
shape1: zdiscs

412/1000 AR
801/1000 RG
805/1000 ASR

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