Scribbled Boundaries
William Tan
Mint Date: 08/17/2021

Artist Narrative

Scribbles on Scribbles on Scribbles. This series is an exploration of chaos and order; how seemingly random movements in the minute scale can be more than just meets the eye if you look at the grander perspective. Simple guiding rules transfigure irregular movements into minimal beauty. Life, as we know it, can be expressed in a similar fashion: our decisions, unexpected occurrences, and even our place in the Universe — while it may seem void of any meaning — may not just be a mere coincidence, it is collectively purposeful and beautiful.

6529 Museum Notes
Scribbled Boundaries are an unusual collection, with a distinctive style, that was a bit polarizing. The 6529 Collection has both rare and typical outputs.

Boasting a rare ‘Helen’ shape trait, this relatively simple-looking output ranks at 5.

Token: 745

Key Traits:
Shape Mode: Helen
Aspect Ratio: Randomized
Thickness Mode: Malevich

5/1024 RG
6/1024 ASR
11/1024 AR

Two similar-sized rectangular outlines of scribbles due to its ‘Sugimoto’ shape trait.

Token: 189

Key Traits:
Shape Mode: Sugimoto
Aspect Ratio: Randomized
Thickness Mode: Standard

68/1024 AR
104/1024 RG
107/1024 ASR

Several unevenly-sized rectangular shapes make it an intriguing multi-color one.

Token: 490

Key Traits:
Shape Mode: de Kooning
Thickness Mode: Richter
Color Mode: Standard

276/1024 AR
297/1024 ASR
318/1024 AR

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