Darien Brito
Mint Date: 08/23/2021

Artist Narrative

Pigments is an exploration of color and spatial distortion. Each instance is an abstract representation aimed at evoking a micro or macro-environment; from unknown substances, or oil in a canvas, to nebular formations. The pieces are animated, meant to be experienced live. If this proves to be too computationally intensive, or if you prefer a static view, feel free to press the spacebar.

6529 Museum Notes
Pigments is an exceptionally attractive generative collection, generally mesmerizing to watch.

The ‘Elico’ color palette creates the mystical blues, greens and reds in this output.

Token: 207

Key Traits:
Vortex: Soft
Palette: Elico
Vortex direction: Right

12/1024 RG
12/1024 ASR
25/1024 AR

The ‘Tormenta’ color palette, mixed with the ‘Cells’ layout trait, creates a stormy feel.

Token: 46

Key Traits:
Palette: Tormenta
Layout: Cells
Vortex: None

187/1024 RG
187/1024 ASR
205/1024 AR

A dark, moody atmosphere from the the ‘Tempesta’ and ‘Cellophane’ traits.

Token: 880

Key Traits:
Palette: Tempesta
Layout: Cellophane
Vortex: None

454/1024 AR
554/1024 ASR
557/1024 AR

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