Loren Bednar
Mint Date: 20/08/2021

Artist Narrative

This project is a visual representation of realities that are out of phase. Interference patterns, colorful echoes, and emerging secrets are explored. Mathematical functions produce constant motion, but rarely, a peaceful scene resolves within the chaos.

6529 Museum Notes
phase is a well-loved collection with very interesting dynamics. The 6529 collection has two rare phases (in the top 10 rarity) and an emergent aesthetic grail (654).

A faint, dark and rare phase.

Token: 473

Key Traits:
Radial Influences: 4
Palette: Override – Pink
Resolution: 16 x 16

4/1024 AR
17/1024 RG
66/1024 ASR

This rare phase is compelling from the start with flares of light crashing and receding.

Token: 251

Key Traits:
Palette: Journey
Angular Division: Double
Scanlines: Vertical

9/1024 RG
13/1024 ASR
62/1024 AR

654 is one of the emergent aesthetic grails of the collection. Waves of calm.

Token: 654

Key Traits:
Palette Stability: Calamitous
Palette: Syncronize
Resolution: 512 x 512

54/1024 AR
142/1024 RG
160/1024 ASR

Irregular and elliptical pulses of green erupt from Phase 396.

Token: 396

Key Traits:
Palette: Override – Green
Resolution: 1024 x 1024
Radiation: Diagonals


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