Para Bellum
Matty Mariansky
Mint Date: 02/08/2022

Artist Narrative

Para Bellum(*) is about the conflict of emotion and gut instinct versus logic and reason. Emotions are portrayed by color fields; logic is illustrated by words. These two forces are fighting for dominance over the canvas. Under the hood, Para Bellum utilizes a thin language engine that was trained by reading dozens of books about rebellion and anarchy to generate (mostly) non-existent English phrases.

6529 Museum Notes
Para Bellum, along with Asemica is the only AB collection with text.

This abstract-looking output ranks 10 in rarity with a ‘Fadelines’ layout and ‘China’ color traits.

Token: 577

Key Traits:
Palette: China
Layout: Fadelines
Stagger: TRUE

10/1000 RG
10/1000 AR
11/1000 ASR

#761 is a another statistically rare Para Bellum.

Token: 761

Key Traits:
Palette: Red List
Stagger: TRUE
Rotate: TRUE

25/1000 AR
43/1000 RG
43/1000 ASR

#343 is a classic Para Bellum.

Token: 343

Key Traits:
Palette: Enderpearl
Layout: Wordlines
Draw Mode: Split

255/1000 AR
576/1000 RG
639/1000 ASR

A rare Para Bellum with no visible text.

Token: 311

Key Traits:
Palette: Mono
Layout: Overlap
Punch: TRUE

294/1000 AR
390/1000 RG
419/1000 ASR

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