Bryan Brinkman
Mint Date: 01/16/2021

Artist Narrative

A collection of on-chain, generative cumulonimbus buddies. Created using vanilla javascript, each unique NimBud features random wires, colors, eyes, mouths, cloud bodies, and more. Each with their own personality.

6529 Museum Notes
Nimbuds are a fun and cute collection. Rarity ranking does not properly reflect trait hierarchy. The rare and prized traits are moustache, blush and blue background.

Don’t mess with this Nimbud right now! It is mad about something.

Token: 211

Key Traits:
Blink Rate: 9 seconds
Cloud Blobs: 8
Face Color: red

126/400 RG
131/400 ASR
155/400 AR

Eyes looking off into the distance, along with a neutral mouth shape. A sense of nonchalence.

Token: 321

Key Traits:
Blink Rate: 12 seconds
Cloud Blobs: 12
Face Color: green

260/400 AR
274/400 RG
278/400 ASR

Blush and blue background are dominant traits. 74 and 264 are the actual rares.

Token: 74

Key Traits:
Blink Rate: 6 seconds
Cloud Blobs: 8
Face Color: blue

314/400 AR
338/400 ASR
340/400 AR

A rare moustache Nimbud, 264 along with 74 are the collection rares.

Token: 264

Key Traits:
Blink Rate: 6 seconds
Cloud Blobs: 7
Face Color: red

339/400 RG
342/400 ASR
393/400 AR

Token: 23

Key Traits:
Blink Rate: 8 seconds (32)
Cloud Blobs: 6 (58)
Face Color: blue (97

AR = 27/400
ASR = 17/400


AR: Artacle Rarity | ASR: Artacle Statistical Rarity | RG: Rarity Guide | RS: Rarity Studio