Mint Date: 03/20/2021

Artist Narrative

Escher-style tiling of a plane, gone wrong. Each image spins hash-driven colors, shapes, and symmetries into infinity. Fly through the spiral as it morphs between beauty and madness.

6529 Museum Notes
Inspirals are a dynamic collection with a kaleidoscope feel. The 6529 collection has two rare Inspirals.

A minimalistic output featuring a rare ‘black/white’ color palette.

Token: 447

Key Traits:
Outline: White
Palette: Black and White
Base Color: Black

22/1000 RG
22/1000 ASR
64/1000 AR

The ‘Double’ spiral trait, is the dominant collection trait, handled incorrectly in stat rarity.

Token: 777

Key Traits:
Spiral: Double
Shape: 5
Base Color: Purple

27/1000 AR
352/1000 ASR
352/1000 RG

A single blue and white spiral make up this simple yet mesmerizing output.

Token: 60

Key Traits:
Shape: 28
Base Color: Blue
Symmetry Type: 6

636/1000 AR
723/1000 RG
723/1000 ASR

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