Mint Date: 01/08/2021

Artist Narrative

Launched into crypto-space for the first time, I present my genesis project, a limited series of interactive 3D structures, rotating endlessly from their self-gravitational force. Each token minted is the result of a complex set of rules, an algorithm that processes the transaction hash and generates a unique piece of crypto-art. Deep space, do you copy?

6529 Museum Notes
Ignition evokes spaceships for us. We particularly like the night-mode. 6529 Museum has 3 of three of the top 30 Ignitions including #2 rarity.

This output stands out with its bold colors in front of a pure black background.

Token: 267

Key Traits:
Number of Lasers: 17
Mystery Feature: Night mode

2/512 AR
14/512 RG
17/512 ASR

Purple and black as its primary colors, on a ‘Day mode’ setting makes this uncommon.

Token: 378

Key Traits:
Number of Lasers: 10
Mystery Feature: Day Mode

27/512 RG
33/512 ASR
42/512 AR

Colorful. Look for the 3D Ethereum symbols in pink, purple and teal colors.

Token: 201

Key Traits:
Number of Lasers: 16
Mystery Feature: Night mode

28/512 RG
35/512 ASR
55/512 AR

AR: Artacle Rarity | ASR: Artacle Statistical Rarity | RG: Rarity Guide | RS: Rarity Studio