Geometry Runners
Rich Lord
Mint Date: 08/27/2021

Artist Narrative

The starting gun goes💥,.and it’s happening. Packs of racers, proudly sporting their team colors, are competing in the race of their lives. Some are going for it. Others can’t really be bothered. But you know this is where the action is at. Absolute drama around every corner. Who will be victorious, and who will stumble.

6529 Museum Notes
Geometry Runners are fantastical dynamic geometric runners.

698 is the grail Geometry Runner. Statistically rarest and elegantly minimalist.

Token: 698

Key Traits:
Wire: Yes
Arrangement: Single
Palette: Seaside Joggers

1/1000 RG
1/1000 ASR
2/1000 AR

887 is another rare ‘single’ Geometry Runner.

Token: 887

Key Traits:
Arrangement: Single
Palette: Jelly Legs
Creature: Waddler Box

27/1000 RG
30/1000 ASR
36/1000 AR

840 is a classic Geometry Runner with an army of shapes racing for eternity.

Token: 840

Key Traits:
Palette: Jr’s Angels
Scale_Type: Distance Size
Bg_Style: Rows

701/1000 AR
828/1000 RG
831/1000 ASR

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