Mint Date: 11/27/2020

Artist Narrative

Genesis: Generative System. A block hash string is interpreted into a visual composition using a set of algorithmic rules. Compositions may contain grids, gradients, lines, shapes, and colors that harmonize with each other. Each mint is one of a kind and designed to stand-alone.

6529 Museum Notes
Genesis, along with Squiggles and Construction Token, launched on Day 1 of Art Blocks. It is historically important.

One of the first 100 tokens minted on Art Blocks and statistically rare.

Token: 20

Key Traits:
Curve: Glowing Bezier
Trapezoid: Black
Grid: Standard

14/512 AR
50/512 ASR

The faint white sprinkles are the unusual trait in this Genesis.

Token: 283

Key Traits:
Dots: White Sprinkles
Trapezoid: Black
Triangle1: All

79/512 AR
113/512 ASR

A classic Genesis with a nice background.

Token: 295

Key Traits:
Grid: Standard
Rect1: 1Count
Rect2: 3Count

430/512 AR
434/512 ASR

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