Stefano Contiero
Mint Date: 05/21/2021

Artist Narrative

Memories define us. Made of countless fragments, they are an ever-changing snapshot of our past. Frammenti is a digital explosion of life, inspired by our most personal treasures.

6529 Museum Notes
Frammenti is an insider loved collection, though less well understood in general. Most do not realize the collection is dynamic.

The rare duo type, combined with no fill gives 361 a minimal elegant feel.

Token: 361

Key Traits:
Color: After
Type: Duo
Shapes: 2

38/555 RG
38/555 ASR
106/555 AR

One of 28 macros that are highly valued by collectors. Rarities tend to underweight macros.

Token: 315

Key Traits:
Type: Macro
Shapes: 1
Entropy: Maximum

108/555 AR
114/555 RG
114/555 ASR

A classic Frammenti with 25 shapes.

Token: 217

Key Traits:
Type: Army
Shapes: 25
Stability: Maximum

199/555 RG
199/555 ASR
221/555 AR

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