Endless Nameless
Rafaël Rozendaal
Mint Date: 07/30/2021

Artist Narrative

Endless Nameless is an exploration of composition. We start with a square. The square is divided into sections. The sections are filled with color pairs. Sometimes all colors are used. Sometimes fewer colors are used.

6529 Museum Notes
Rozendaal is a well-known generative artist. His collections often have a positive vibe and aesthetic.

79 is the rarest output in the collection, with a complex design.

Token: 79

Key Traits:
Colors: 10
Rectangles: 16
Black: Yes

1/1000 AR
1/1000 ASR
2/1000 RG

943 is another complex and rare Endless Nameless.

Token: 943

Key Traits:
Colors: 9
Rectangles: 36
White: Yes

36/1000 AR
36/1000 ASR
37/1000 RG

A minimal output and elegant, #1 is our favorite Endless Nameless and first mint.

Token: 1

Key Traits:
Rectangles: 2
Colors: 2
White: Yes

250/1000 AR
254/1000 ASR
259/1000 RG

243 is a typical Endless Nameless in a hot pink palette.

Token: 243

Key Traits:
Colors: 4
Rectangles: 5
Black: Yes

748/1000 AR
854/1000 ASR
868/1000 RG

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