Michael Connolly
Mint Date: 04/16/2021

Artist Narrative

Elementals is inspired by physical printmaking techniques and early Bauhaus principles. It starts with a few basic coloured shapes and arranges them in varying frequencies, sizes, and positions based on a unique transaction hash. Multiple overlaid variable grids allow for myriad layouts and opportunities for colour interaction.

6529 Museum Notes
Elementals are a low-key, sophisticated collection that would look amazing in a mid-century home.

Warm tones give a rich aesthetic to this statistically rare Elemental.

Token: 51

Key Traits:
Heading: West
Stroke Grid: 4×4
Base Grid: 4×4

19/600 RG
24/600 ASR
24/600 AR

Another statistical rare Elemental, similar to 51 but in a different palette.

Token: 123

Key Traits:
Heading: West
Stroke Grid: 4×4
Top Grid: 4×4

43/600 RG
50/600 ASR
52/600 AR

459 has a different grid and palette than the other artworks shown.

Token: 459

Key Traits:
Stroke Grid: 3×3
Base Grid: 5×5
Top Grid: 5×5

86/600 RG
107/600 ASR
171/600 AR

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