Ben Kovach
Mint Date: 11/08/2021

Artist Narrative

“Edifice” is a series of 976 massive, deteriorating structures built on strange terrain. It is an exploration of buildings being conceptualized, constructed, and eroded away under a wide variety of conditions. Edifice’s outputs run the gamut between minimal and maximal, with some showing few large, static blocks of color, and others many small, highly textured and warped shapes.

6529 Museum Notes
Edifice is a wonderful conceptual collection of buildings.

One of only two Edifices with cell size ‘Fine’, #605 is a hugely distinctive Edifice.

Token: 605

Key Traits:
Cell Size: Fine
Texture: Sqribble
Colors: Blood Orange

2/976 RG
2/976 ASR
2/976 AR

One of four colossal traits, #432 is both rare and aesthetically emergent.

Token: 432

Key Traits:
Cell Size: Colossal
Cell Aspect: Extra Wide
Colors: Salt

10/976 AR
16/976 ASR
16/976 RG

Ska is one of the 6529 Museum’s favorite colors in Edifice.

Token: 52

Key Traits:
Cell Size: Huge
Colors: Ska
ill Style: Ns

101/976 AR
181/976 RG
185/976 ASR

In fact, we like Ska so much, we have two.

Token: 767

Key Traits:
Colors: Ska
Displacement: Wave
Interference: High

330/976 ASR
345/976 RG
406/976 AR

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