Daïm Aggott-Hönsch
Mint Date: 12/12/2020

Artist Narrative

A cryptoart collectible series to indulge the irrepressible human compulsion for pareidolia. This algorithmic homage to Hermann Rorschach’s inkblot perception test will help you externalize your inner world.

6529 Museum Notes
Cryptoblots are an accessible entry point to ABC due to the large collection size. The 6529 collection contains one of each type (Unary, Binary and Ternary) and another rare color.

One of only 2 Beige Brown colors (one of the rarest colors)

Token: 560

Key Traits:
Color: Beige Brown
Mystery Feature: Unary Cryptoblot

4/1921 AR
11/1921 ASR
18/1921 RG

A highly-detailed output that resembles a Transformer robot, 1 of 111 Ternary Cryptoblots

Token: 1869

Key Traits:
Color: Silver Gray
Mystery Feature: Ternary Cryptoblot

51/1921 AR
53/1921 ASR
57/1921 RG

Strong blue hues in this output are generated by the ‘Savoy Blue’ color palette.

Token: 705

Key Traits:
Color: Savoy Blue
Mystery Feature: Binary Cryptoblot

244/1921 ASR
276/1921 RG
291/1921 AR

A ‘Moroccan Blue’ color and ‘Unary Cryptoblot’ mystery feature makes for a unique output.

Token: 900

Key Traits:
Color: Moroccan Blue
Mystery Feature: Unary Cryptoblot

1215/1921 AR
1345/1921 ASR
1421/1921 RG

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