Mint Date: 02/11/2021

Artist Narrative

Chimera is a mutation, its genetics a merging of past and present. New creative mediums almost always ingest those that came before. Pictograms and hieroglyphics turned into paintings, which eventually became moving images and photo-real graphics.

6529 Museum Notes
Chimera is an evocative generative interpretation of still lifes. The 6529 Museum collection includes three of the ten rarest Chimeras, including examples of two skulls, eight species and the elegant pencil traits.

One of just six dual skull Chimeras comes to life with bold woodcut strokes.

Token: 488

Key Traits:
Skulls: Two
Dishes: Three
Stroke: Woodcut

3/987 RG
3/987 ASR
14/987 AR

A full pink moon backdrops this 8-flower bouquet. Can you spot two artificial flowers?

Token: 801

Key Traits:
Artificial Flowers: Two
Number of Species: Eight
Dead Flowers: One

7/987 RG
7/987 ASR
25/987 AR

Two wine bottles highlight this rare and unique Pencil stroke Chimera.

Token: 699

Key Traits:
Stroke: Pencil
Wine: Two
Fruits: Three

10/987 RG
10/987 ASR
18/987 AR

Grainy splotches of paint bring a human touch to these emergent Hydrangeas.

Token: 454

Key Traits:
Stroke: Airbrush
Number of Species: Five
Primary Species: Hydrangea

121/987 ASR
122/987 RG
161/987 AR

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