Bubble Blobby
Jason Ting
Mint Date: 05/07/2021

Artist Narrative

Translucent color bubbles playfully mix and morph to create organic and ephemeral blobby forms.

Chameleon is the dominant rare trait in Bubble Blobby – with animated color changes.

Token: 47

Key Traits:
Palette: Silver & Gold
Chameleon: Yes
Style: Orb

33/500 AR
33/500 ASR
34/500 RG

240 is an example of a regular (not Chameleon) but with a rare color palette.

Token: 240

Key Traits:
Palette: Golden Gate
Style: Breathe
Rotation: None

74/500 AR
87/500 ASR
88/500 RG

180 is a classic standard normal Bubble Blobby.

Token: 180

Key Traits:
Palette: Seafoam
Style: Scattered
Rotation: None

322/500 ASR
330/500 AR
334/500 RG

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