Mint Date: 11/29/2021

Artist Narrative

Lines are bent and shaded. There are no wrong turns.

6529 Museum Notes
Bent is a beautiful conceptual collection. The 6529 Museum owns the #1, #3 and #5 rarest.

Double symmetric and Ribbon traits make #347 the rarest and best by any measure.

Token: 347

Key Traits:
Bending Mechanism: Symmetric
Dividing Mechanism: Symmetric
Ribbon: Yes

1/1023 RG
1/1023 AR
1/1023 ASR

The intricate lines and angles of #661 are driven by the ‘Tiny’ trait.

Token: 661

Key Traits:
Line Color: Bone
Background Color: Color
Size: Tiny

3/1023 AR
6/1023 RG
6/1023 ASR

The ‘Jumbo’ size trait makes #998 a nice contrast to #661.

Token: 998

Key Traits:
Line Color: Rainbow
Size: Jumbo
Dividing Mechanism: Radiate

5/1023 AR
82/1023 RG
82/1023 ASR

A diverse range of green tones and the rare ‘symmetric’ dividing mechanism together.

Token: 252

Key Traits:
Bending Mechanism: Symmetric
Dividing Mechanism: Symmetric
Line Color: Juniper

24/1023 AR
57/1023 RG
57/1023 ASR

The ‘Connect’ bending mechanism trait creates an intricate pattern.

Token: 290

Key Traits:
Bending Mechanism: Connect
Line Color: Wave
Dividing Mechanism: Group

130/1023 AR
423/1023 RG
423/1023 ASR

One of the wilder, more haphazard outputs in the Bent collection with the ‘Wander’ trait.

Token: 566

Key Traits:
Bending Mechanism: Cliff
Line Color: Ruby
Dividing Mechanism: Wander

138/1023 RG
138/1023 ASR
231/1023 AR

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