Kjetil Golid
Mint Date: 02/27/2021

Artist Narrative

Archetype explores the use of repetition as a counterweight to unruly, random structures. As each single component look chaotic alone, the repetition brings along a sense of intentionality.

6529 Museum Notes
Archetype is considered a top tier Art Blocks Curated collection with its superb aesthetic outcomes across the collection. There is a clear hierarchy with 10 cubes, 27 corners and 563 flat Archetypes, which are split; of which 25 are ‘no frame’. The 6529 Museum collection has one corner (in the rarest palette), one ‘no frame’ and one regular Archetype.

A unique Rosewood palette corner allows the viewer to experience balance.

Token: 64

Key Traits:
Palette: Rosewood
Scene: Corner
Shading: Bright Evening

9/600 ASR
9/600 AG
26/600 AR

This rare Frameless Archetype gives the impression of a bright golden city suburb.

Token: 27

Key Traits:
Palette: Golden Duo
Framed: Nope!
Coloring strategy: Group

24/600 AR
62/600 AG
62/600 ASR

Vivid red blocks greet you in this wonderfully ordered Atlas palette Archetype.

Token: 123

Key Traits:
Palette: Atlas
Shading: Evening
Layout: Order

337/600 RG
337/600 ASR
355/500 AR

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