Aaron Penne
Mint Date: 03/17/2021

Artist Narrative

“Apparitions” is an exploration of the space between algorithmic and organic. Each “Apparition” is unique to the transaction that originated it.

6529 Museum Notes
Apparitions are attractive outputs without a strict rarity hierarchy. They are primarily aesthetically drive, with rarity being statistical in nature.

Earthy tones derived from a rare ‘Squidgit’ color palette. A metamorphic rock layer.

Token: 897

Key Traits:
Colors: Squidgit
Facing: You
Haunting: Persistent

19/1500 AR
20/1500 RG
20/1500 ASR

A potential choice among those living in Miami due to its ‘South Beach’ color palette.

Token: 814

Key Traits:
Colors: South Beach
Spook: Panic
Haunting: Premonition

244/1500 AR
653/1500 RG
646/1500 ASR

A classic common Apparition that represents a typical collection piece well.

Token: 524

Key Traits:
Colors: The Oracle
Background Color: Dark
Reach: Far

1051/1500 AR
1188/1500 RG
1192/1500 ASR

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