Han x Nicolas Daniel
Mint Date: 05/14/2022

Artist Narrative

AlgoRhythms is a collection of generative audio-visual data sculptures. Each unique hash drives the combination of colors, patterns and musical scales into a music box.

6529 Museum Notes
AlgoRhythms are famous for how they combine visual dynamism with custom (generative) music.  They are quite loved among the NFT generative art community.

Cheerful sounds heard thanks to Major Pentatonic scale pair & bright moving pillars.

Token: 371

Key Traits:
Music Scale: Major Pentatonic (omit 5)
Background: Killarney
Style: White Outline

98/1000 RG
98/1000 ASR
157/1000 AR

Colorful and dense melody achieved by the use of the Aeolian musical scale.

Token: 326

Key Traits:
Octaves: 2-3
Music Scale: Aeolian (Ancient Greek)
Background: Biscay

521/1000 RG
521/1000 ASR
621/1000 AR

The melody generated in this output is is relatively sparse as it uses the “Adagio” BPM.

Token: 4

Key Traits:
Subdivisions: Diagonal
Octaves: 2-3
Music scale: Aeolian

4/1000 RG
4/1000 ASR
18/1000 AR

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