Stina Jones
Mint Date: 06/04/2021

Artist Narrative

These cute companions live 100% on-chain where their bytes are cleverly stored in a scalable vector format. Built with quality components and complex algorithms, each Algobot is issued with a unique serial number and a NIFTY license which permits them to help out on any commercial projects where you might require their assistance.

6529 Museum Notes
Algobots are absolutely charming generative robots. We hope to see further development of this appealing project.

Algobot 300 has the rarest component type ‘Staple’ which gives it a muscular look.

Token: 300

Key Traits:
Component: Staples
Bodywork: Round Top
Colour: Strawberry

5/500 AR
16/500 RG
37/500 ASR

Contagious happiness emits from telekenetic Algobot 149. “WAGMI”, it says.

Token: 149

Key Traits:
Antenna: Telekinesis
Colour: Cavansite
State: Startup

206/500 AR
357/500 ASR
431/500 RG

Adorable bug eyes and gemstone component make this an unforgettable bot.

Token: 18

Key Traits:
Component: Gemstone
Colour: Cavansite
State: Calculating

308/500 RG
462/500 ASR
473/500 AR

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