720 Minutes
Alexis André
Mint Date: 03/05/2021

Artist Narrative

A real-time live interactive piece that also acts as a clock. 720 unique ways to show the current time, one per minute over twelve hours. Each clock will activate on its given minute, giving you a special moment every twelve hours to consider what one minute means to you.

6529 Museum Notes
720 Minutes is a beloved and whimsical Art Blocks Curated collection. It will reach its full potential when it can easily be used as a digital clock face.

A mesmerizing clock with a rare ‘Dark and Stormy’ palette.

Token: 395

Key Traits:
Palette: Dark and Stormy
Energy: Lazy
Time: 9

27/720 RG
28/720 ASR
46/720 AR

“See Double Colors.” One of 390 720 Minutes.

Token: 126

Key Traits:
Palette: Blue Earth
See Double Colors: Yes
Time: 5

37/720 AR
72/720 RG
75/720 ASR

A common and typical 720 Minutes in Pentagon shape.

Token: 420

Key Traits:
Palette: Purple Moss
Time: 7
Shape: Pentagon

332/720 AR
409/720 RG
439/720 ASR

Another common Pentagon 720 Minutes in a different palette.

Token: 691

Key Traits:
Palette: Feeling Lucky?
Time: 3
Shape: Pentagon

695/720 AR
695/720 RG
713/720 ASR

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