27 Bit Digital
Mint Date: 02/19/2021

Artist Narrative

The essence of all things digital is the bit. One or Zero. On or Off. Where digital becomes analog. This piece pays tribute to our digital legacy of 8-bit color and 7-segment LED displays– technological limitations which are mirrored in the constraints of putting art on the blockchain.

6529 Museum Notes
27 Bit Digital is possibly the most straight forward collection in Art Blocks Curated. It is as much conceptual in nature as it is generative.

One of three Solid Patterns in the collection. #694 is an ultra-rare 27 Digital.

Token: 694

Key Traits:
Pattern: Solid
Resolution: HiRes 8×8
Glyph: Glitch

3/1024 RG
4/1024 AR
5/1024 ASR

A somewhat rare 27 Digital. Charming with white an orange tones.

Token: 490

Key Traits:
Pattern: Pointillist
Glyph: Glitch
Resolution: VGA 16×16

119/1024 ASR
164/1024 AR
156/1024 RG

Two simple thick white lines on a blue background with purple and black dots.

Token: 753

Key Traits:
Glyph: Glitch
Pattern: Mix
Resolution: VGA 16×16

350/1024 AR
350/1024 ASR
754/1024 RG

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