Wild Child 2022
Ali Sabet



Ali Sabet soaks up love, brightness, and optimism in each stroke and creates a bouquet of color in his vibrant paintings. Wild Child features the portrait of a female wearing a bold and expressive crown of flowers. The image is striking with its use of primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, outlined and detailed with bold black to produce the vibrancy and animation of comic book art. Even some of the dotted hashes to shade the petals are reminiscent of comic book shading, adding a note of playful optimism and hope that is present in superhero stories. The female gazes up through long lashes, her makeup is like that of a Venetian doll, blue eyeshadow, cherry red lip, and two cherry cheeks to match her dress. The varicolored flowers frame her face so that she is nearly consumed by their beauty and graceful lines. Sabet seeks to inspire an appreciation for life and beauty in his art, showing his subjects immersed in that beauty, and further creating a work of striking beauty in the hopes that it will do the same for anyone who sets eyes upon it.