Matt DesLauriers



A generative algorithm uses a unique seed from each token to create an impression of a landform that yields a myriad of possibilities. The assortment and shading of lines, colors, and landform itself varies from image to image, creating striking representations of three-dimensional land masses. Subscapes #242 is a mountainous landscape with a highlighter palette of bright blue, yellow, and sea green, against a dark blue solid backdrop. Drawn with patchwork patterns, the mountain rises on four corners are varying heights upon a square grid and is surrounded by soft textured land and rivers, blended beautifully and fading into the blue backdrop. 

The mountains are gold tipped as if burning in the light of a splendid morning sun, the valleys are tinged with green, as if lush and verdant with natural life and rushing rivers. There is a peaceful serenity about the color palette and an ornate construction of the mountains themselves, as if they are geodes or naturally forming crystals. 

The piece itself is particularly striking, as it represents a natural landform that has been created by the trained algorithm of a generative program. Technology creating simulation of the natural world further fuses the majestic ability of nature to create being replicated with precision by technology, drawing our natural human states that much closer to the digital ability to dream up our world in a way that is uncannily familiar and undeniably beautiful.