Proof Grails – Protoglyph
Larva Labs



LarvaLabs presents one of the earliest algorithm explorations for the Autoglyphs, a high-resolution and extremely detailed output. With rising black and white stripes that leap from the foreground, the lines carry the eye up into a super galactic array of dizzying swirls and stars that grow smaller and smaller as if one is floating through a star-spin, glittering tunnel of kaleidoscopic diamond tessellations. Nearly every inch of the image is detailed and every line creates a hypnotic and surreal effect. The closely detailed lines rising and falling make the image feel as if it is alive with motion taking the viewer on a 3D trip through space and time. As such highly detailed and high-resolution images are a challenge to store on-chain, the methods have since changed to accommodate, but Protoglyph serves as a unique piece that showcases some of that early, extremely detailed work.