Primary Colors of Neural Bricolage
Helena Sarin





Combining her passion for software and watercolor art, Helena Sarin’s discovery of GANs provided her the perfect medium to fuse her interests and create striking pieces. Guiding the AI model with her own specific and personal text and visual prompts, her pieces are the visual representation of music and motion presented in vivid, abstract form. Let There Be Music is red and black on a grainy cream backdrop with touches of gold and bronze. The image is distorted, nothing is exactly where one would expect it to be, yet the visual impression of three rambunctious musicians jamming and grooving to the music is clear in the wild lines, the bold pattern of the flying scales and music notes, the stretches of the trumpet lines. Just as notes wail and stretch and are held out for long periods of time to make music wail and sing, the lines echo the shape of music and make the image lively as a song. 

In Jazz on Khreshchatyk, there is a larger assembly of musicians, the instruments are a bit clearer, trumpets, a trombone. The legs of the musicians are at different heights on the ground, suggesting there is a lot of foot-tapping and dancing. Blue and yellow and gold color in the foreground is set against a soft, evening blue city made up of old buildings in the ancient town square of Khreshchatyk.  Tin Soldiers takes abstraction to new heights as the line of soldiers are stretched and facial features are strewn about helter skelter, an eye, a mouth, a giant tongue, bodies intertwined and disproportionate. There is something Picasso-esque in these renderings, the distortions conjure a dreamy, unsettled mood, a fractured sense of reality, somewhat detached from the mires of convention and freed into a dreamlike space of mayhem and jubilation.