Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse
Bazooka Labs




Imagining the aftermath of an accidental nuclear war, all of humanity perished except for the nerds who were safely ensconced in their parents’ basements playing video games. Now, these very nerds are the sole heroes entrusted with restoring the world and saving humanity. Drawn by artist Adam Archer and created by a team of developers, Nuclear Nerds launches forth with high storytelling ambition, an endeavor that champions community effort, promises plot twist surprises and potential hostiles, and features an unlikely batch of heroes that will save the day. 

Nuclear Nerds allows token holders to write the story with each of the characters they own, equipping each with a variety of unique features. Resembling ghostly sprites from some distorted Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nuclear Nerd 6449 has a purple glowing body, a byproduct of nuclear radiation, wears a red backwards baseball cap, black and neon green safety goggles, a tattered pair of overalls, and carried a multi-blade. He has a “Just Joking” mouth, modeled after the Joker’s, and a pair of ghostly butterfly wings etched with a shadowy echo of skulls. The background is smoky, hazy green and called nuclear shadow, similar to Nuclear Nerds 6393, who glows neon green with glowing yellow eyes and wears a tactical vest to match his apocalypse scissor hands. With his long, unruly hair and his ghoulish eyes, these figures wear mysterious toe bandages and have the uncanny wings, though they are mired down in a wispy, smoky sort of netherworld. There is immense story-telling potential locked in the images, a launching point from which the imagination may take flight.