Jiometory No Compute



Jiometory No Compute by Samsy, is a living motion experimental study of a geometric organism that is in constant motion: “Each individual unit’s movement contributes and flows into a generative path for a greater purpose.” The goal is to achieve symbiosis and the creation of something dazzling and evocative. There are a variety of color modes, such as tech cream, purple, watermelon, mint, robot, sunset. Jiometory No Compute 168 is earth color mode with a SuperCurve shape and square type geometry. The colors are like witnessing a Michael Jackson concert through the moving shapes of a kaleidoscope, a black backdrop features moving red, yellow, gray, brilliant gold, silver, white, sparkling and glittering as the image flows and the shapes meet and separate and reunite to create striking star shaped, dragon-faced, sunburst, open-jawed geometric patterns that are dazzling and surprising and altogether mesmerizing and entrancing. There is chaos and a wildness as each moment they are forming new shapes and patterns, attempting to find harmony and symbiosis at every turn.