Generative artist Daniel Calderon creates a block hash string using a set of algorithmic rules which manipulate such variables such as grids, gradients, lines, shapes, and colors. Each output is something fantastic and exciting, surprising to behold and one of a kind. 

Genesis 26 consists of 5 pea green rectangles upon a stormy gray backdrop with a white trapezoid at its heart. Like all others in the collection, there are triangles present, these green and blue, complementing each other in natural and harmonious shades of sea and land. Sporting more intricacy in design is Genesis 72, where a diagonal grid forms the tapestry for soft point dots to create a starry pattern against five rectangles and a series of filled fuschia triangles. The soothing colors and the detailed grid create the sense of beautiful purple birds fleeing an iron cage, leaving the moorings of the world behind and taking flight into a sea of glowing stars. 

Due to the simple designs of these renderings, the imagination is tickled and stirred and encouraged to dream up the meaning of the shapes and their resemblance to origami adds to the aesthetic quality of the images.