Matt Kane





A Chicago-born oil painter and coder extraordinaire, Kane applies the best of both skills to his collection, merging color theory with coding that serves to create living pieces of art that change infinitesimally every moment like a breathing entity and that are programmed to continue metamorphosing for decades to come. His choice of the moon as the central subject of all his work is particularly meaningful to the crypto space, as it touches upon the very soul of the mission of artists and collectors alike who are working in a space that is moving ahead of its time.

Each moon in his “Gazers” collection has a date assignment from some significant moment from his past 20 years as an artist. Depending upon the age of each piece, the speed of the frame rates run accordingly: 20 frames per second for a piece dated 20 years ago, but a newer piece will run closer to one frame per second fresh from its birth.

Furthermore, each piece has layers of pattern designs that are in constant motion. The lines will thicken and thin, tremble and rotate or dance in a peaceful undulation, the hashes move musically, borders change and shift. Each midnight, the piece is given a new set of instructions to change color. At midnight the colors become shadowy and deep, borders darken as though night falls upon them, at dusk/dawn a bright, rosy haze brightens the piece, similar to the gentle glow of morning, and then by noon, the pieces burn almost neon in their shades, transformed into blazing squares of color and light. Gazers 788 features earth tones of pale green and burnt orange moon, with a Fibonacci fade halo. Others in the collection are electrically bright, such as Gazers 566 with bright orange bordering bright pink and neon green.

The use of color theory is present in all of Kane’s pieces as he chooses complementary color profiles: he pairs reds and blues and purples together, and in other pieces features predominantly green, yellow, and oranges. Gazers 403 is warm with burnt sienna and marigold paired well with purple and green. These well-balanced color groups are then brought to life with intricate moving patterns that are reminiscent of colors and motions found in the natural world.

Just like the natural moon phases, the piece will have its own shifting phase, changing every month in an endless cycle, but speeding up too with the passage of time, so that the entire experience mirrors the human experience, of time being both cyclical but also feeling as though it speeds up as we age. He celebrates the concept of the New Moon, too, as every 29 days, there is a newly designed moon that appears in the artwork, the hashes changes, the colors morph, the design is distinctly fresh and reborn, heralding the dawning of a new chapter but staying true to the original concept.

And just as the crypto space is a vastly untraveled space, Kane seeks, with his collection, to explore this new frontier and fill it with lasting works that will exist long after we are gone.