Tyler Hobbs




These pieces are from one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing collections of generative art. From artist Tyler Hobbs’ comes Fidenza 543 and Fidenza 302, respectively. With a masterful manipulation of scale, organization, color, and texture, an endless array of generative possibilities are the outcome, some surprising, some startling, each one rich with hypnotic beauty.

Hobbs employs flow fields to create his pieces, and has unlocked the ways in which they produce an endless and unpredictable array of curves. Hobbs: “If your curves go outside the bounds, it’s nice if they don’t simply disappear forever. I like them to have a chance of turning around and curving back into the image.” In each piece, there is a sense of continuation, eternity captured on canvas, as if somehow the continual loop of forever was bottled and stored by the artist for the enjoyment of the collector.

Man’s deep ties to the hypnotic and transfixing nature of infinite curves is seen in the fascination with spiral galaxies, in the construction of mazes and labyrinths. The breathless intrigue of such infinite patterns is captured in nearly all Fidenza pieces.

In Fidenza 543, the Luxe color palette features predominantly browns and red, followed by blue and yellow. The largest two rectangles reach forth like a pair of applauding arms  into a symphony of curving shapes. The arms uplift all of the other shapes into a kaleidoscopic bouquet of rectangles color blocked with vibrant shades: cherry, banana, mustard, blue, aquamarine, chocolate brown, black, ivory, salmon and baby blue. The diversity of colors mirrors the diversity of size in relation to the main two arms: some are medium rectangles with evenly spaced blocks, and running alongside them are shapes that shrink until some of them are infinitesimal. This creates a wonderfully dizzying effect of seeing the image as one might if he was floating in the clouds staring down at a bustling city alive with tiny, speeding cars.

This sense of motion and life is reflected in Fidenza 302, as well, with three striking pipe-like figures that snake their way through the heart of the piece. The colors dive into oceanic aquamarine and earthy brown, indigo blue, dabbed with bright spots of yellow. As the shapes are larger, the intimacy is greater in this piece as the viewer is close to the objects and part of their continuous journey to follow and forever find each other.