Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez












Fascinated by the time scales that we operate within, Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez captures the essence of time in his collection Entretiempos, roughly translated to “between times.” Influenced by the Orphism movement pioneered by Sonia Delaunay, these vibrant pieces incorporate geometric lines and shapes and circles in order with a vast variety of featured nuances, such as space scales, background color, background elements, color palettes, color accents, and geometric shapes. Inspired by music and the rhythmic and time-centric nature of musical composition, the forms are metaphorically likened to passages, sonatas, or for the most complex and rich, symphonies. 

Entretiempos 970, 621, 604, 375, 369 are examples of symphonies, for their forms are complex, the rings are drawn with fine lines that intersect in dizzying frequency. In all of these, the colors are explosive and intricate, accented with gold in 621 and 375, adding a regal splendor to the pieces. While all burn vibrant against a dark background, 604 and 375 have opal and flame backgrounds respectively, allowing the colors to blend more significantly with the background. Continuing the music score metaphor, the spatial tempo of nearly all of these are rubato, when there are slight variations within the spatial placement, allowing for moments of expressiveness. Some, like 375, are giusto, where there are no variations, creating a calm and unruffled piece. The precision of the rings, either being machine-like perfect or more human-drawn and freeform, the varying intersections of thickness and thinness of lines, and the specific features of the rings and the ring fabric comprise just a few other of the traits in this dazzlingly complex collection. 

Additionally, Soria-Rodriguez creates an interactive piece of art that includes a series of keystrokes for the viewer to immersively experience the process of its creation. The viewer can control the flow of the piece and stop time by pressing pause in order to see it at varying moments of its time scales, experiencing the painting not only in the moment when it is seen and appreciated at its final stage, but all throughout its life, its conception, development, growth, allowing for pausing and saving at any part that is notable for the viewer. In this way, Sora-Rodriguez creates something that is reflective of the human relation to time scales and the ways in which humans portion out their lives from birth to middle age and ultimately to the times before death. This art seeks for us to find the spaces between time and discover all of the complexity and beauty that occurs there. 

By creating these detailed, beautifully colored rings of gold, blue, yellow, green, red and orange, done in brush stroke, cubism style, the artist seeks to inspire human emotion, joy, melancholy, sorrow when one views his work. But his curiosity extends beyond only human emotion. As this collection is created with generative AI technology, he merges the human experience to that of the robot that creates the art, and wonders if the robot, too, will not learn human emotion as it creates an infinite set of outcomes from the set parameters.