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PUNK #7823

PUNK #7121

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PUNK #6531


The CryptoPunk collection forms part of the original artwork in the digital art revolution. With only 10,000 pieces in existence, their rarity, age, and algorithmically produced unique features combine to make them an iconic installment in the crypto artscape. Created by software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, the aesthetics of the collection were inspired largely by the punk scenes of London and electronic music of Daft Punk. The pixelated portraits of male, female, zombie, ape, and alien punks are usually on solid backdrops with a broad array of accessories, cowboy hats, pixel pipes, purple lipstick, glasses, and headwear. 

Cryptopunk 7823 is vivid in color, bright blue bandana contrasting with magenta shades and a dash of purple lips against a smoky blue backdrop. The colors and the blurred distortion of the images reflect the staccato notes heard in electronic music as well as the bright, vivid colors that would be found in a cyberpunk themed aesthetic. Some of the collection is especially rare, such as CryptoPunk 7121, a green alien with frumpy hair and transfixing horned rim glasses. 

From a design perspective, these algorithmically produced pixelated images are somewhat blurry with indistinct lines, but artistically they produce a pleasure in collectors due to their variety as well as rarity. As there are only 10,000 in the world, and as they are pioneers in the crypto art world, their worth to people only increases because of all that they represent. Rooted in the origin of the digital art movement, these pieces are en route to be loved more with each passing year simply because of each year’s passing. Similar to the way in which Van Gogh’s paintings were cherished infinitely more years after his death and declared to be the finest and most influential artworks in Western art history, Cryptopunks might achieve a similar fame within the digital art realm of cryptospace.