Small amphibious creatures dwelling in the murky waters of what was once called Uniswamp, CrypToads presents a selection of small toads that are inspired by other art in the metaverse. As their world is experiencing a coup of sorts by an Evil King Gremplin, there is some urgency to free the toads from an oppressive regime, creating an eclectic and diverse class of citizenry. Toadenza, inspired by the Fidenza pieces, is a bearded toad of red, blue, green and brown, the design a pixelated interpretation of a classic Fidenza assortment of lines and shapes. Wearing shackles and set against a sparkly pixel purple, lavender, and smoky backdrop, there is a playful quality to the piece. 

CrypToadz 5999, 5421, and 5182 are inspired by the Nouns collection, sporting the iconic square glasses. They have a variety of traits, such as orange bumps, green bucktooth holding a short cigarette, while others are masty and unhealthy looking against a moldy green backdrop, looking pleased as they sit beneath a halo of flies. CrypToad 37 presents a formidable figure of Fronkz Henchman 1, a tough black jacket clas blue shade wearing, cigar smoking, green stubble faced, fly smashed under the shoe tough figure in an aggressive walking stance, ready to take on some toads and bring them under his control as he serves the Evil King and seeks to maintain dominance over the swampland.