Capsule House
SeerLight + Kaejunni


Capsule House presents a collection of 10,000 Capsule NFTS, a digital encapsulation of the gachapon capsule toys popular in Japan. Taking inspiration from the beloved toys that come in bubble shaped domes out of machines, the Capsule NFTs contain a multitude of traits and variants and ownership of a capsule allows the collector access to the entire universe as it unfolds and expands. 

The Zodiac set is made up of 12 zodiacs, each one featuring a female Japanese anime style character wearing an assortment of clothing, holding a variety of different props, and floating in a water filled capsule that is set against a starry purple backdrop sketched with various astrological star maps. Each figure has bright hair of purple, orange, pink, or lavender, brilliantly starry eyes in shining shades, and most are curled in the fetal position as they flow in a kind of nebulous amniotic fluid. The characters are bright, their clothing is detailed and they wear crowns, have tails, horns, pointed ears, and all stare straight into one’s eyes from their amorphous and uncanny pods. 

The Hoodie collection features figures that wear dark hoodies such as in 01072 and 00243, both of which carry on the appearance of grim repairs with their shrouds masking their faces, only showing a glimpse of shining multicolored or gray eyes. Each one carries a variety of accessories, such as keyboards or smartphone, bringing these strange wizard looking shrouded characters into the modern era. Arranged in a variety of species, these are posthuman, suggesting they come from a post apocalyptic world, carrying the ancient artifacts of a prior species, secure in their floating liquid filled orbs. 

Beautifully rendered by LA based anime artist SeerLight, the pieces throughout Capsule House echo one another in style and otherworldly mood, such as in 03146 where the figure of a boy has bolts in his head and is strapped down much like Frankenstein’s monster with bands as he stares out with monster green eyes. In 07785 and 03538, a sense of chaos ensues as the figures’ eyes are covered with black Error signs as pink claws emerge from the starry backdrop and clamber for them as they send messages on laptops and smartphones. The world building in these pieces are exemplary as the unique traits provide clues of a strange and thrilling new universe, featuring characters that have the potential to expand and grow.