An Incomparable Love
Kevin Abosch



Distilling 100,000 social media posts that include the word love, Irish artist Kevin Abosch used the results and employed algorithms to create three layers of hexadecimal alphanumerics superimposed and in constant motion over a Valentine’s shade of bright, romantic red. Known for his conceptual work that strives to explore the human dilemma of fearing things that one does not understand, he seeks to champion love as the greatest thing that cannot be understood and to encourage humanity to accept it and allow it to supersede fear. As the superimposed letters are in continuous motion, shifting in order, position, it is near impossible to decipher what they mean, expressing Abosch’s belief that love simply cannot be understood, only appreciated, The vibrant red is devotedly constant in all his images and remains unchanged even as the shifting alphanumerics tease the mind to chase them around the image. Watch it long enough and the eye is tricked into seeing the ghost of the letters even once it has moved to a different place, echoing how love continues to persist and haunt even if one cannot see it or comprehend it.