Watercolor Dreams
Mint Date: 04/30/21

Artist Narrative

Watercolor Dreams is an exploration in simulation, a meditation on traditional techniques in watercolor, and an ode to serendipity. Where will this curve end? When will this shade fade? How will the movement come alive? Sit back, relax, and watch the colors wash over the canvas.

6529 Museum Notes
Watercolor Dreams are melodic and calming.

171 is one of the five rarest Watercolor Dreams with the isWavey trait.

Token: 171

Key Traits:
isWavey: TRUE
angleAmplitude: 20
palette: puzzling

5/600 RG
1/600 AR
3/600 RS

Dark bluish and purplish colors move around in a ghostly fashion.

Token: 538

Key Traits:
palette: lustful
composition: corner x
angleAmplitude: 50

355/600 RG
396/600 AR
336/600 RS

Purple & pink hues make up the look of this distrinctive output.

Token: 64

Key Traits:
palette: stimulated
composition: x
angleAmplitude: 25

428/600 RG
441/600 AR
418/600 RS

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