Glitch Crystal Monsters
Alida Sun
Mint Date: 07/23/2021

Artist Narrative

A synthesis of over 777 days of generative artmaking, motion as survival, and coding as transformative ritual. Sky gardens of trustless techno-leviathans crystallize, entangle, and play between dimensions online and AFK, generating new forms altogether. I channel these speculative phenomena to highlight the fluid, transformative possibilities of structures perceived as rigid and immutable.

6529 Museum Notes
Glitch Crystal Monsters evoke classic digital art.

8, with a rare Gray sky and maximum crystals, is a rare output of the collection.

Token: 8

Key Traits:
Sky: Gray
Crystals: maximum
Monster: Streamlined

20/1000 RG
20/1000 ASR
20/1000 AR

561, like 8, is a maximum crystal glitch, but with another rare palette.

Token: 561

Key Traits:
Sky: Midnightblue
Crystals: maximum
Monster: Streamlined

55/1000 RG
55/1000 AR
55/1000 ASR

A relatively minimalistic output which is created by the ‘Black/White’ and ‘Sparse’ crystals traits.

Artwork description…

Token: 540

Key Traits:
Crystals: sparse
Sky: Black
BlackandWhite: on

132/1000 AR
320/1000 ASR
323/1000 RG

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