Matt Kane
Mint Date: 12/06/2021

Artist Narrative

Since the dawn of humanity, the Moon’s phases have fascinated humans, influencing any number of activities on Earth including ocean tides, seasons, harvests, migrations, hunting, crime, sleeping, sex, and has inspired countless works of art. The first lunar calendar, dated to 32,000 BC was discovered, drawn on animal bone in caves. It’s believed hunters during the last Ice Age used these portable lunar calendars to anticipate the behavior of different animals like Mammoths.

6529 Museum Notes
Gazers are the most complex NFTs in the collection by far. They have an huge amount of traits and are programmed to change behavior over years, centuries and millenia with the moon cycles. Nobody knows the full extent of their behavior. The 6529 Collection has 10 Gazers, including ultra rare Rocket and Hours:Minutes:Second Gazers. It also has the #1 stat rarity Gazer but really more for the vibe than any other reason – the vast number of traits in Gazers makes a mockery of the analytical value of statistical rarity in this collection.

The neon teal-blue outline of the circular moon makes this output.

Token: 500

Key Traits:
Color Theory Style: Sea of Tranquility
The Attainable: Intention
Sky Layer Max: 6

1/1000 RG
396/1000 AR
715/1000 ASR

This Gazer features an uncommon ‘square moon.’ The #1 output by rarity.

Token: 520

Key Traits:
Pattern Stripe Avg: 5
Transfer Value: 3
Overlay Layers: 4

1/1000 AR
1/1000 ASR
521/1000 RG

A relatively smaller circular moon atop layers of dark backgrounds.

Token: 303

Key Traits:
Pattern Style Tight: 10
Pattern Style Close: 5

3/1000 AR
304/1000 RG
512/1000 ASR

Numerous washed-out colors on the central moon and the background.

Token: 581

Key Traits:
Ambience Hue Spread: 70
Color Theory Value Weight: 25

7/1000 AR
526/1000 ASR
582/1000 RG

A tiny central moon, due to it having a ‘Moon Size’ value of ‘1.’

Token: 195

Key Traits:
Variance: 9
Color Theory Style: Palette
Alpha Style: 4

196/1000 RG
397/1000 AR
379/1000 ASR

Vivid yellows, blues and greens whiz around the crescent shaped moon.

Token: 318

Key Traits:
Pattern Style Close: 3
Color Theory Ambience: Seed

16/1000 AR
230/1000 ASR
319/1000 RG

An outstanding Gazers specimen showing off a fiery yellow/orange crescent centered moon

Token: 766

Key Traits:
Pattern Style Tight: 1
Color Theory Ambience: Golds

17/1000 AR
117/1000 ASR
767/1000 RG

Highly abstract and complex colors float and morph within the central figure.

Token: 585

Key Traits:
Origin Moon: Begin Digital Art Studio Software
Ambience Hue Spread: 9

185/1000 ASR
271/1000 AR
586/1000 RG

A tiny circular moon is produced in this output, on top of layers of green.

Token: 878

Key Traits:
Color Theory Ambience: Golds
Full @: Midnight

438/1000 AR
660/1000 ASR
879/1000 RG

Strong blue and purple tones of the crescent moon contrast against the dark brown.

Token: 899

Key Traits:
Pattern Spacing Reset Freq: 7
Alpha Style: 1

802/1000 ASR
837/1000 AR
900/1000 RG

AR: Artacle Rarity | ASR: Artacle Statistical Rarity | RG: Rarity Guide | RS: Rarity Studio