Joshua Bagley
Mint Date: 06/18/2021

Artist Narrative

Dreams is an exploration of uneven subdivision. It focuses on the interaction between uniform and crooked lines, and the complex structures that can emerge from simple rules. Each iteration of Dreams is unique, with characteristics determined by the hash created at the moment of transaction.

6529 Museum Notes
Dreams is a highly impressionistic collection that is primarily aesthetically drive. The 6529 Museum collection has one statistical rare Dream and overall a set selected because it was aesthetically pleasing.

One of three ‘Rumary’ color palette in collection.

Token: 541

Key Traits:
Palette: Rumary
Flying: TRUE
Anchor: Floor

14/700 RG
14/700 ASR
29/700 AR

A relatively minimalistic looking output with warm earthy tones.

Token: 634

Key Traits:
Theme: Minimal
Palette: Rust
Anchor: Shallows

229/700 RG
229/700 ASR
286/700 AR

An extremely colorful and fun output from the ‘Beach’ and ‘Madness’ trait combination.

Token: 76

Key Traits:
Palette: Beach
Theme: Madness
Story: Sporadic

294/700 RG
294/700 ASR
315/700 AR

This erratic looking output features strong vivid colors.

Token: 224

Key Traits:
Palette: Memory
Anchor: Shallows
Structure: Complex

406/700 RG
406/700 ASR
409/700 AR

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