One of the first artists in the crypto art world, XCOPY’s pieces have attained a legendary status due to their vivid color, high-frame rate, bold subjects, and captivating animation. Post Debt is afire with magenta flames sparking in a dark background into which a teal space is carved and filled with two leaning figures holding pencils and poring over an array of shapes. The image is alive with constant motion, almost like the grainy static on a television set that has channeled into deep space. 

This fuzzy, static technique is echoed in Blood Bubble, as well, where a looming grim reaper enshrouded in black hoodie stares into one’s very soul with red, maniacally shifting red eyes, ensnared in green skeletal frames. The ghoulish figure has no nose and his bone white face is slashed with a jagged red mouth. The top half of the image is animated and shivers with life, but from the chin down, the rest of his body is perfectly still as he wears a cloak made up of dozens of unstirring, staring eyes. It is as still as the grave, and there is death of all animation and movement. From this still and eerie foreground, this creature rises into a frantic world. 

Shifting slightly in style, the smooth lines of Special Operation have a cartoon animation quality with the bright, bold skull alternating red and blue at a high speed. His hollowed eyes flash at the row of adults safeguarding a line of young children all holding hands and staring at the skeleton and at the flashing large-wheeled vehicles that form a background. The image is intense and due to the flashing red that meets the eye at high frequency, a sense of impending danger and doom characterizes the piece.